just a question


it's confusing, no one understands,
it's i who wants restraints put on my hands,
dose that make me less then the sweetie everyone see's?
dose that mean i shouldn't have fun?
should i be a naughty one?,
should i be the good one?,
dose it matter if it's my fun?
am i less then the adorable doll?
should i take the fantasy's, take them all,
and just throw them away?
what would you say, if i told you the game's i like to play?
what would you do, if the games i played, weren't something you would do?
am i crazy? is my love life hazy?
is it a dizzy thought in your head?
the things that should be unspoke of, i ask you to do in our bed.
would it be queer, to ask you to do them?
would you have a fear, if you were to give?
would it be alright, if i asked you why?
why would you be able to put any of your feelings aside,
for mine, and still think im a sweetie? am i?

Poetry by Gothic geisha
Read 788 times
Written on 2007-09-12 at 17:04

Tags Question  Fantasy  Crazy 

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