so much to do

so little time

Disillusioned By Time

Disillusioned by time, I try

Fiddling, scribbling, doodling.


Needing, pleading, wishing

The sun would rise one more time.


It can’t be the end of the week

I refuse to believe I’ve let it slip

Through my fingers.


To fold, to write, to listen

I need another day.


For all that I missed in seven days

I need the eighth.


Poetry by Inspired
Read 647 times
Written on 2007-09-12 at 21:32

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This is such a good poem that we can all relate to. How clever to ask for the eighth day in a week when we have fiddle away the other seven! Excellent insight and writing!

You were right! I loved it-as always-a joy to read Pari...if only we had stuff like this to study rather than stuff like the Red Wheelbarrow....gawd help us all...we're learning zilch and all i wanna do is go jump off a seventy four thousand foot(feet?) high cliff..(notice how i used two of my shar-says)
But really, this poemn really is very nice...i can get so much from it...the surface level and the the last two lines to death!! i must scrape something off the bottom of my dry inspiration pit...loverly my munch!

Zoya Zaidi
I just love this- It is so me!
I am also always wanting more time!!!
In fact, I think, I want more lives to live, I even have a poem - 'Four lives'...
Must dig it out of my copy books and post it one day.
Love, Zoya
PS And yes, Welcome to the bay from my side!