‘And there’s this burning

Like there’s always been

I’ve never been so alone

And I’ve never been so alive’

Feeling Like A Bitch

All the things we talked about they stay on my mind

Say anything

Just tell me why

It’s not a lie

I don’t recognize my smile anymore

I can be a superficial bitch

Good things about me

I’m not afraid to cry

I confronted him

I’m brave

I’m strong

I can get through this

Time heals no wounds

But I’m gonna be fine

I’m in love with him

But I don’t wanna be with him

 I cant stand the sight of him

I mean nothing to me

I’m gonna squeeze him out until he means nothing to me

T’ll take a lot of tears

All the love I soaked in from him

All the thing he says were lies

I still believe in them

The stars told me

They will shine forever for me

I know exactly what song to listen to

I know myself

You don’t know me

You never deserved to

I opened up for you

Let you in

I was never in you

You dint chuck me out

You fed me like the puppy on the road and walked away

The puppy died the next evening in the cold

But it never meant anything to you

You were just emptying your tiffin box



Now you’re free

You don’t need to explain to me

I know

I know

I know

In the blankness of your face I see all the answers and I know

I don’t need anyone

I can do this on my own

I’m strong

I’m brave

I’m still me

You haven’t stolen anything from the cold heartless bitch

There was nothing to steal

You can see me smile

I’ll smile right into your face and I wont feel a thing

No don’t flatter yourself

You dint steal my heart I never had one


Poetry by Inspired
Read 800 times
Written on 2007-09-17 at 18:56

Tags Random  Love  Bitch 

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