Taj Mahal*, a monument of love enshrined in white marble is breathtakingly beautiful on a full-moon-lit-night...The marble dome, with its intricate inlay work, glows like a delicate, fragile maiden bathed in moonlight...

Taj Mahal by Moonlight

The moon casts a diaphanous veil
over the face of night,
A beauty entombed in marble glows
bathed in moonlight,
Four minarets look heavenward
'Gombad' blushes with luminescence bright...

A spirit of love roams the night
through corridors of Time,
Overlooks the graves of two
Lovers there enshrined...

Cool zephyr with a fragrance blows
The fountains come alive,
Red roses whisper songs of love
Sweet melody plays in hives

Laughter of a maiden rings
Echoes in the shrine,
Footsteps, light, chase each other
In the garden of Time,
A kiss is planted on the lips
of Beauty, ardently by Love,
Rustling in the breeze is heard
a swish of muslin robes,
A sigh escapes the lips of Time
somewhere in the groves...

Two souls rise above the dome
and in the garden roam,
Hand in hand in the glory of
a love three centuries old...

Author: Zoya Zaidi
Aligarh (UP), India
CopyrightŠ: Zoya Zaidi

*Taj Mahal: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Taj_Mahal
built by the Moghal emperor Shahjahan in the memory of his beloved wife, Mumtaz Mahal, recently celebrated its 350th birthday.
I dedicate this piece to all those in love...All who have known the enchantment of love...
I also invite every one to come to India...to visit Taj by moonlight...

Poetry by Zoya Zaidi
Read 2390 times
Written on 2005-12-07 at 20:22

Tags Romance 

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Oh, this is a wonderfully "exotic" poem, rich in images. I could not help think of Fitzgerald's Rubaiyat, although that poem is full of lust and licence, yours is soft and sad and very wonderful indeed!


many times i read it but i have no words to praise . ....

ommmmmmmmmmmmmmmm love taj mehal .....

n so lovly description

Larz Gustafsson
I' m fascinated by the way you express yourself.
"She walks in beauty, like the night..."

M Heathcote
true love is a mirror
what you see
is what you get
and what you give
is what you'll receive

opposites mirror
one anther
hate mirrors hate
and true love
love honest
love in earnest

earth and sky are one
one then can never be two
two halves make one whole
this journey centers us
like a fruit stone
like a temple
and like the Taj Mahal

the love we are shown
is received
as our garden
as our home
as our country
so gracious
is the house of love

Beautiful poem ((Zoya)) x

Zoya, this is an absolute masterpiece. Definitely bookmarked. I must say that it is one of the best pieces I have ever read. Breathtaking.

Zoya Zaidi
Dear Blue lady,
Taj Mahal is truly a wonder of this world. Even after 300 years it stands as beautiful. The pristine white translucent marble with the intricate inlay work is truly a sight to behold!
((Hugs for the lovely comment!)))
Love, Zoya
PS And Dinesh, Come again and fulfill your dream!

Really the feeling in the poem is fantastic. You know it is my dream to see the Taj in full moon. Last year I went delhi and planned the trip to Agra in between my vehicle caught some problem. I cancelled my trip. till the beauty of the Taj in full moon is Dream for me. Thanks to your poem.

Peter J. Kautsky
I can feel the mystery of India here. You brought me to the Taj Mahal. Fine poetry.

Mikael Lövkvist
A timeless, eternal love-poem. Exquisite.

I appreciate poetry so much, especially a message such as yours, based on history. This poem is a monument to love and beauty! Lovely words and images. (smiling with admiration!)

Zoya Zaidi
Dear Christian, it is not as simple as that, the king was imprisoned by his son Aurangzaib, not because he wasted revenues, but because he wanted his first and favourite son Dara Shikoh, a thorough gentleman and a great patron of arts and culture (but probably a weak man), to be the king after him, which Aurangzaib, who lead most of his campaigns did not like and after his victory in Deccan, imprisoned his father to sieze the throne himself. Shahjahan had no choice but to accept his punishment. He was imprisoned in Agra Fort from where through a window he could see the Taj Mahal across the Jamuna River.
(((Hugs for taking so much interest in the Taj)))
Love, Zoya

Christian Lanciai The PoetBay support member heart!
There is more to it than that. After the completion of this the most beautiful mausoleum in the world, the grieving king (the constructor, who built it for a monument of his lost wife and of their love) was imprisoned by his son for the rest of his reign, because he had wasted the state revenues on this 'whim' of architecture, which cost more than all India in those days. The king accepted his sentence and lived it out to continue grieving and crying for his wife for another seven years of mourning in prison... But it remained the most beautiful prison in the world, for always. He was happy to stay there for all eternity, when he finally was buried in there beside his lovely wife.

ah Zoya

i lreally enjoyed reading this
a beautiful story of true and deep love

a bookmark

A exquisite poem, gentle but strong.. love is such a sort word but the most powerful word!!! And you described it in such a sincere and intriguing way It is a beautifull poem, really, gentle but strong.. love is such a sort word but the most powerful word!!! And you described it in such a sincere and intriguing way..

Gave me the chills! Great work
would love to visit India one day :-)


oh what a beautiful text
i have no words....
this is my favorite

i love it

Bella Laluna

wow...this was so...(dont find the word im looking 4)
What is "Gombad"...I wonder?!?!
Ill bookmark this..it made me feel something deep inside. Hope you dont mind, but Ill show it to my friends..Thnx 4 recomending this 4 me...

-Mr. M

Malin Johansson
This was great!!!
I liked this part very much:
Laughter of a maiden rings
Echoes in the shrine,
Footsteps, light, chase each other
In the garden of Time,
A kiss is planted on the lips
of Beauty, ardently by Love,
Rustling in the breeze is heard
a swish of muslin robes,
A sigh escapes the lips of Time
somewhere in the groves...


Zoya.. Zoya.. I have no words.. I can't decide what to say.. I don't find words that can say it all.. Perfect.. No wait.. That don't cover it.. This poem.. Too good..

vicky vixen
Yes it is beautiful I love the diapherous veil over the nite and the idea of the three century old love transcending time. The whole feeling is pure ethereal, you have captured it perfectly, encore,encore

Love rules! =)

And with your words Love will live through eternity!

...though I sometimes have my doubts...



Zoya, I am impressed by this beautiful and lush text on one of the worlds architectural wonders and the loving souls enshrined there. Your language is very painterly and evokes deep nightlit images in my inner eye. Loke

love is something i think should be shared..and I for one am so happy you shared your with us...hugs and a few kisses thrown in from me Eddy//ps wonderful write

I envy the man who falls in love(or is in love) with you! Such passion of words...
such desire...so much to give. Thank you..

This is oh so beautiful Zoya you write with such fire and passion about love, empathy and compassion for others,you truly are a jewel in the crown of poetry and a delight to all :-)))

Beautiful poem... I can't describe, it was almost like being in front of Taj Mahal, see it bath in glorious moonlight.


With Love

Hi Zoya,what romanticism!great poem.Thanks for letting me know about this website.

lastromantichero The PoetBay support member heart!
Hi ya Zoya
this is so beautiful and warm to your countrys culture of love well done hugs mike {{{{{{zoya}}}}}}

how did you know i have always wanted to come to India and see the most romantic of shines to love everlasting. As soon as i read the title i knew i would love this one. It is my goal to visit your country as i have such a devotion to the people and culture and long to see it like no other. Beautiful work, thank you for taking me there in the poem.

~Love BlueyedSoul

*Taj Mahal here i come moonlit preferred*

What a potrait you have painted. I encourage anyone who doesn't know the story behind the Taj Mahal to look it up, what a story of love and romance at it finest!!


You are back now! really, really back!!
And this is almost too beautiful:
"A sigh escapes the lips of Time
somewhere in the groves..."

Beautiful words conjuring up many lovely and exotic thoughts in the moonlight;

"Footsteps, light, chase each other
In the garden of Time,
A kiss is planted on the lips
of Beauty, ardently by Love"

Excellent read