Doncha see me digging this hole
Where I pretend to hide my soul?
I gotta defend my last tears
To keep sadness for more and more years...

I believed in you and in each word
I got mad and sad and why not absurd
I believed in your love and in your try
And now I just gotta smile and cry.

I shoulda run safe and good
But it's just misunderstood
'Cuz I care for what you think
And it makes me sink... sink

I believed in you and in your trust
I got messed through the air and dust
I believed you kud live and kud die
And now I just gotta smile and cry.

Doncha see I pretend to be blind
Or you just ignore this stuff?
Doncha think it is just enough
To figure out this riddle in mind...

Poetry by Edgar John Jackson
Read 733 times
Written on 2007-09-24 at 07:05

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This is emotional but interesting, i like it. keep the ink flowing.