I wrote this for something im thinking about. im not a performer, but the poem means something to me, and i used the stage for a reason, and it seemed to fit. hope you enjoy it, or can relate.

Stage sage

I am up on stage,
and with in that passion of a sage,
i look to the crowd, looking to me,
some cheering, others glancing,
i feel less apart of something when im danceing,
less an aquaintance and less a friend,
if i talk  the conversations has met it's end,
i danced to the tune, and spun around the room,
i tryed my best, but am always second best,
the stage became a ballenceing beam,
and friends they became just a dream,
i can not be they're friends if i don't make conversation,
i can not be a friend if im just in observation.

Poetry by Gothic geisha
Read 840 times
Written on 2007-10-07 at 21:23

Tags Stage  Sage  Conversation 

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