'And there’s this burning
Like there’s always been
I’ve never been so alone and I’ve never been so alive!'-From the Motorcycle driveby, Third Eye Blind

first 3 lines are from Answ

Never been so alone

All the things we talked about they stay on my mind
Say anything
Just tell me why
It’s not a lie
I don’t recognize my smile anymore
I’m not afraid to cry
I confronted him
I’m brave
I’m strong
I can get through this
Time heals no wounds
But I’m gonna be fine
I’m in love with him
But I don’t wanna be with him
I cant stand the sight of him
I mean nothing to him
I’m gonna squeeze him out until he means nothing to me
It’ll take a lot of tears
All the love I soaked in from him
All the things he says were lies
I still believe in them
The stars told me
They will shine forever for me
I know exactly what song to listen to
I know myself
U don’t know me
U never deserved to
I opened up for u
Let u in
I was never in u
U dint chuck me out
U fed me like the puppy on the road and walked away
The puppy died the next evening in the cold
But it never meant anything to u
U were just emptying your tiffin box

Now you’re free
U don’t need to explain to me
I know
I know
I know
In the blankness of your face I see all the answers and I know
I don’t need anyone
I can do this on my own
I’m strong
I’m brave
I’m still me
U haven’t stolen anything from the cold heartless bitch
There was nothing to steal
U can see me smile
I’ll smile right into your face and I won’t feel a thing
No don’t flatter urself
U dint steal my heart I never had one

Poetry by Inspired
Read 655 times
Written on 2007-11-09 at 21:17

Tags Loneliness 

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