well, almost every little girl has had one of those jewelery boxes that has a little ballerina figurine and music that plays, so this idea kinda mixes with imagination.

Inside the Jewelry Box

As the music played
She danced
Ada danced
The little girl watching her
So tentatively,
Loving everything about her;
Ada's dark hair
Pulled into a tight bun
With ribbons of
The lightest pink
Her skirt swaying
As she moved to and fro
Her face making
No expression
As she leapt
and turned gracefully
Across the stage
Her pointe shoes making the
Slightest noise
As her toes hit the floor
And suddenly
The little girl realized
That it wasn't real
And that Ada was
Merely a small
Ballerina figurine
Trapped inside her
Jewelry box.

Poetry by kata
Read 632 times
Written on 2007-11-14 at 23:48

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stef lai
that was amazing :D
poor ada :D i loved her dancing:p xx

awwww...this is sooo amazing, Kata!!

i have been off the bay for far too long...