this is a hard poem at the moment, and it's fresh feelings. i've lost 3 friends, all due to they're own personal issues today, and though i support them for taking a stand and doing whats right for them. and moving on in diffrent directions, w

a loss of

im at a loss, for words,

so many things, i wanted to say,

so many things i needed to vent,

all in one silly day,

chances to do this, have gone and went,

im at a loss of friends,

and i question, is it an end,

to someone i could talk with,

someone i had fun with,

and someone that made me feel wanted,

by thinking these things, 

i feel the friendships i had tainted,

i want to tell them.

you can't leave, your one of 3,

at least let me hold thee,

close to my heart,

at times i hold it on my sleeve,

sometimes where it counts,

i roll up my sleeve,

to spare a pain from one, two or three,

i scarifice time i'd like to have,

so they don't feel halved,

 i waited, to say this, 

and in a moment it's missed,

had i said whats your issue,

i'd try my best to help you,

would they stay?

had i said, i need an ear,

i've got a problem, a dream, a fear,

would they stay? 

but im at a loss of words,

for my loss of friends. 

Poetry by Gothic geisha
Read 1248 times
Written on 2007-11-30 at 13:10

Tags Friends  Lost  Words 

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