Mother, I don't know what I am

The sky is dark and nobody is here
They left me
saying 'make it on your own now'
'make it on your own'
'or you will be no more'

But mother, I don't know if I am a bird
if birds don't seek belonging

And I don't know if I am flying
or if I'm only fleeding

I thought that leaving made me brave
but I was flying out of fear

For if my illusion would fail
my wings would be harder to grow
and I would leave
with sorrow screaming in my chest
Because I have to leave
My terrain is trampled

The clouds are moving thoughtlessly
over stars a million miles away
And my mind is much too focused
on silver eagles in the sky
My mind is much too restless
to see the path I'm wondering

Poetry by Julia Felicia
Read 582 times
Written on 2007-12-19 at 18:25

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