Laying down beside your loved and watching her sleep, but wanting to wake her to tel her............

Whilst You Dream on

I lay beside you,
As you sleep,
With words to say,
That will not keep.

Should I wake you?
From slumbering bliss,
With tender endearment,
A loving kiss.

Or should I gaze,
Upon the sight,
Of your beauty,
Thru this night.

I long to enjoy,
Your winsome charms,
To hold you tightly,
In my arms.

That mischievous smile,
I see on your face,
Your elfin body,
Effusing grace.

I yearn to buss,
Those perfect lips,
On your lithe body,
Trace my fingertips.

But I'll wake you not,
Just marvel upon,
Your eternal beauty,
Whilst you dream on

Poetry by Albert
Read 1035 times
Written on 2005-12-24 at 19:22

Tags Love  Beauty  Devotion 

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I love your style of writing.this has such a loving message..... its one of my favorites.