Christmas has arrived, for some

An Urchin's Christmas

A cold Christmas day,
With snow, sleet and rain,
A young urchin's nose pressed,
On an ice-cold windowpane,
Looking through the glass,
With ravenous eyes,
Seeing Christmas pudding,
Lots of crisp mince pies,

Little boys play,
With brand new toys,
Whilst a little girl,
In new dress twirls,

No food for the urchin,
Fancy or plain,
Just a Christmas,
Rumbling hunger pain,
No coats old or new,
To keep him dry,
Who would care?
Or wonder why.

Little boys laugh,
Whist acting the clown,
The little girl looks on,
In her princess gown

A few left over scraps,
Ceremoniously bestowed,
Then unceremoniously,
Shooed away to cope with the cold,
The grownups are grateful,
He has been sent on his way,
For now they can enjoy,
The charades that they play

Poetry by Albert
Read 1015 times
Written on 2005-12-25 at 08:45

Tags Christmas  Celebration  Comparisons 

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Illusions, something which we surround ourselves with.

Very good read.