this was an odd one to do, it's about how i always seem to overthink things, not on purpose, i just dwell on somethings i should not, somethings do deserve it, othere things do not.and it's like im more a masochist just for always finding away to hurt


anothere situation, i've messed up,
second thoughts of every thing so chrisp,
my biggest fault i can not stop,
everyones favorite masochist,
useing your friendly word,
as an exscuse to hurt,
self inflicted gut shots, to excavate my mind,
hard to understand the words that every one finds,
final thoughts of my smallest mistake,
sucking on the cherry cloured wine,
with the sick taste of iron,
im a masochist till my last breath,
physical scars left bleeding etch out my name,
i search for the sarcasm in your love letter,
add salt to open sores, it only makes me better,
misunderstood words in my pandora's
try to ignore them, while im left behind,
left with ravages of my mind,
left with cherry coloured knifes with a quick wrist, etching your words on the curvy masochist.

Poetry by Gothic geisha
Read 1103 times
Written on 2008-02-12 at 15:22

Tags Masochist  Thoughts  Hurt 

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