this was more a free flowing of words, a stretch of my self i guess, like an artist just scribleing, but it actually started to make something for me. like the change in peoples perception once they know something about you. that is not really all that ba


My sour expression, is just an impression,
from the thoughts i got in this session,
your words is the only thing for my digestion,

you made me feel impressive,
but the things you said while i sat so passive,
captivated in my intoxicated world, i drink the words you give,

locking the cabinets while stocking the shelves,
im prepering my self to live the 4 walled hell,
i've seemed to build up over night all by myself,

i'll seem to be dreaming, crying, blubering to speak,
guessing at the things you'd want to hear from what i seek,
insecurity, insanity, and obesity in a 90 pound freak,

bloated with depression,
have i changed your impression of me,
my bipolar situation has got a possesion,

a hold on my lungs, blury eyes,
my terrible hacking sighs,
as i swallow more pills for my manic highs,

my vacum sealed eyes,
bring out the brown of they're glistening shines,
how long have i slept let me count the time,

symptons of your annoyance,
you'd give me one more chance,
join me in my manic dance,

a tornado of your impression,
in opisate of my exspression,
locked away in my desparation.

Poetry by Gothic geisha
Read 821 times
Written on 2008-02-13 at 04:28

Tags Impression  Possession  Expression 

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Mark Reynolds
wow. what a nice flow. i really enjoyed it.