Look deep you will be amazed at what you may find

Music in your soul

You have music in you. It's in your very soul
It may be Jazz or Reggae or even Rock n' Roll
It's hiding somewhere down there, maybe deep inside
Just relax and bring it out let nature be your guide
You'll be moved by some tunes, be stoic to the rest
Let your feelings and your heart guide you to what's best
There is rhythm in you it's always on your mind
Like your favourite colour it isn't hard to find
Coax it out and pamper it and treat it with respect
Let the beat that runs your life be unfettered and unchecked
There is power in you, you never knew was there
Search your alter ego and make yourself aware
Of the gentle rhythmic sounds of love and life and pain
Live life now, enjoy it, there is everything to gain
Health, Wealth or Happiness could come knocking at your door
Don't ignore the power of love else you could end up poor
We all have our troubles but mostly life is great
The pulsing energy of life we should appreciate
All things are so beautiful in their own sweet way
Sight, sound and Touch are precious don't let them go astray
Welcome them with open arms, treasure all your senses
Conjure up the things you like from past and present tenses
You have magic in you, a gift from someone greater
Celebrate your life with love, thanking your creator.

Poetry by Ropawil
Read 97 times
Written 2006-10-23 kl 11:45

Poetry by Ropawil
Read 569 times
Written on 2008-04-05 at 00:00

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