Not to me but it does happen !!!

What Good Am I ?

What good am I , if I can't see
The love that you bestow on me
In everything you say and do
For you can't lie, it's only you
Your actions and your thoughts are real
They're from your heart, they're what you feel
I'm not worthy of your esteem
So throw me back into the stream
There are plenty more where I came from
Forget me now and let me drown
For what I did, I broke your trust
A one night stand so filled with lust
I could not see the love sublime
You gave to me and was all mine
I shall regret the Beer fuelled jape
That got me in this stupid scrape
If you forgive and take me back
I vow my loyalty and will not slack
To be worthy of your love and you
Form now on and forever to be true.

Poetry by Ropawil
Read 663 times
Written on 2009-06-01 at 06:23

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