This where my heart is although I am not Welsh by birth I love Wales

Home is where your heart is

There is a green Welsh river valley that lies close to my heart
Still a vivid memory even though we are so far apart
The eternal gentle roll of the river running deep
Slow in places, where in Spring , fresh run Salmon leap
A swathe of sun , lights up the farther shore
Crowning a tree lined mountain top with more
Than gold as blue and purple merge to stun my sight
I can see it clearly now as if I am standing right there
Not in some other foreign land so far away
What I would give to be back there this very day.
A Heron stalks with measured step then freezes like a rock
Slim stiletto beak guided by sharp eye wait patiently then lock
Upon a darting silver morsel, or is it something bigger
What train of thought? what calculations trigger?
The lightning strike that is rewarded with a prize
I can see it there right now before my longing eyes.
The mellow gold of Autumn and the leaves of red and brown
A chequered patchwork quilt of early snow upon the ground
The moss and lichen crowding out the slate upon the wall
The gentle winds meandering through the tree tops high, that call
To where the Seagulls, Rooks and Crows take possession of the sky
As flocks of woolly sheeplike clouds majestically drift by`
The stiff and stately stands of Firs, silhouettes against the setting sun
While the homely smell of wood smoke waft by to say the day is done
Little yellow starlets twinkle on the valley sides, as home fires burn
For where I am and for all this and so much more I yearn
To hear the vibrant tone of sweetly sung Welsh songs
If nothing else in life is given me, please grant me this
That fate decree, before I die, humbled by these ancient lands
Will once more see again a sunset from North Wales's coastal sands

Poetry by Ropawil
Read 607 times
Written on 2008-04-11 at 21:27

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This is as good a poem as I have read in many a year, the descriptive quality of this piece is second to none in my opinion and creates a picture a blind man could see, this has been a real pleasure to read and enjoy.

Kathy Lockhart
your writing is so descriptive and interesting. This is beautifully written.

Elle The PoetBay support member heart!
I've never been to Wales but the person in my life (god that sounds awful) is welsh - and has threatened to take me there - thank you for this poem which makes me want to see Wales

Elle x