recently i lost a friend to Suicide, someone you wouldn't think ever would have done it, you'd have to know her to know why.. but i wrote this poem in away to cope with it. i don't think i can describe much more then that. be well and remember

Pulled your self away

what was running through your mind?
did you ever believe that you lost your self?
would you have ever asked me to help you find,
all you lost, and all you could ever loose,
did we ever cross your thoughts?
in the moments you thought you lost,

Where did it go wrong?
you hyperventalated,
where has your mind gone?
your heart rate escalated,

pulled your self away,
pulled your self away,

i can still remember that smile,
that one you let grow a mile,
gleeming from end to end,
where could i begin?
to have kept you from this,
dryed up your thirst,
eased your hunger,
torn away from us like thunder,

pulled your self away,
and in my mind your there to stay,
pulled your self away,

it happend so suddenly,
left us all scarred,
hurt us so deeply,
hurt so deeply,

battleing with Acceptence,
hugging you in past tense,
did you find the reliefe?
in the escape of griefe?

i can still see your smile,
glowing bright, from a mile away,
in the dark of night,
i'll keep you close, always.

Poetry by Gothic geisha
Read 1224 times
Written on 2008-05-13 at 13:13

Tags Suicide  Friend  Lost 

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