The Pact of the Mirrors

"So, you're the only one who has not held up to the Pact of the Mirror. That's not good, is it Robbie?"
Barns was staring at me menacingly. His real name was Thomas, just like Robbie's, Marco's and mine, but his middle name was Barns, so everyone called him that, same with the other two.
"Well, I would think it would be bad, but personally, I think he'll survive, what about you Marco?"
Marco was big and muscley, and very very scary, but yet, he was me, so it was very disconserting.
"Well, you've caught me in a bad mood. Admittedly, I have nothing but bad moods, but that's besides that point. I think we should kill you. We make the effort to follow you're instructions and follow your pact, and you do nothing??? I call for a revolution, I say we make the orders and kill him, at least that way we'll get someone new and interesting to talk to, and not him. He does fucking nothing!! He just sits there and acts like he's a boss, but has he ever seen death?? FUCK no!! Let's get him."
"Woah there. Remember, I was the one who brought you together, without me you wouldn't have met each other or knew you existed. I found the Mirror, and I built the other mirrors. I put the paper down and waited, and sure enough, my reflection changed to you, the other versions of me--
"SEE!!!" Marco yelled "He thinks he's in charge, that we're copies of HIM, he's just a copy of us!"
Robbie looked at us both exasperated "You're both right and both wrong, now, when you're done arguing, we need to figure out a suitable punishment for our compadre here that doesn't involve murder."
"I suggest that we ban him from the Mirrors for 3 weeks, that way he wont get to see all the different possibilties he could've had. He wont get to see his life with the love of his wife, which I am very lucky to have. Just think Tom, I'm sleeping with Krystal every single night, and you're getting none! Wont it suck to not know what's going on?? And you Robbie, our poor mother survived that car crash for you, you get to tell him how that life is, he'll miss that wont he?? Marco is a bit harder, seeing as everything went wrong with him, but actually, he'll miss learning about what mistakes to avoid, he wont know what to do, things will start to slip towards Marco, he definitely wont wasn't that, will he??!"
I had had enough of their talk, because Barns was 100% correct, I would miss all those things, but this was too much. I was being cut out of myself by myself, a self suicide/homicide. I couldn't take it, so I walked out, but before I did, I punched each one of those little monsters in the face, shattering the glass into a million little pieces.
I could live without Barns' stories of Krystal. I could live without the stories of my mother, and I could survive without knowing which exact pth to take to the best end. But I knew that they couldn't live without each other, I didn't know why I knew, but I knew it, maybe I could feel the death starting inside, I'm not sure, but I knew it. They wouldn't last long. I walked into the house through the back entrance.
"Everything alright Thomas, I heard raised voices?" asked Rosetta.
Rosetta may not have been what Krystal was, but we could talk to each other for hours on end without any pauses, and I loved her company, and we had an average sex life. But it was just that, average, but that was fine by me. After seeing the horrors I could've become, it was a relief to be myself.
"Everything is better than usual now. There's nothing left to do is there."
Rosetta smiled. She could guess where this was going.
"Everything is done, time for some R & R??"
"Well, what I had in mind leaves no time for rest, and gives you loads of relaxing, so sorta."
"Oh, it's about me tonight is it?
"Always is, isn't it?"
"That's true, but after everything we have set up for tomorrow, I'll give you what you want"
"Sounds like a plan."
As I walked up the stairs to the bedroom, with my hand on her waist, slowly slipping down and preparing for what was to come, I looked out the window at where the mirrors had been. My reflection in the window showed three figures, separated, but together, all screaming at me. I smiled, and I knew that everything was going to be alright.
"The Pact of the Mirrors is over." I whispered to myself, as Rosetta dropped her clothes on the stairs on stood at the top of them, naked, motioning me for her to join her, which I did with much relief.
The Pact of the Mirrors was over.

Short story by Thomas Sutherland McPhee
Read 688 times
Written on 2008-06-05 at 21:55

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