Bad Guys Do Win

.....His plan was going perfectly. He was fucking president of the USA! As far as evil plots went, his was simple, obvious, and easy.

1. Get Money.
2. Get Power.
3. Get more land.
4. Take over world.

Nothing super fantastic, but he was still proud of it. So proud in fact, that he decided to dance. He knew the phrase "White Man Can't Dance" was very true, but he still attempted it. He started moonwalking in front of the desk in the oval office. Man, where were the cameras?! This priceless moment, and no one was getting it on film! Oh wait, he had ordered no cameras and had killed anyone who tried to get any footage inside the office he reminded himself, so there was no point anyways!

He burst out laughing, and again, no one was there t witness it.

His laughing was cut off by a buzzer going off to the left of him.

"Sir, there seems to be an intruder, shall we kill him?"
No, he told him, not yet.

Normally he wouldn't do this, he knew too many stories to know that if you let the good guy get to you, it ends bad for you, but he had a plan, and it would work. It went like this

I let the guy come up here, and he's expecting me to monolouge, and in the mean time he escapes and then kills me, but when he gets up here, I shoot the ever loving shit out of him, then stuff him, and keep him in my office. No more, no less.

The door burst open.
"The game is up Mark-"
The shotgun shell cut him short.
Once again, the room was filled with laughter.
Then a woman's voice joined in.
Oh shit, he had a girlfriend didn't he? Didn't think of that. Time to improvise.......

Short story by Thomas Sutherland McPhee
Read 879 times
Written on 2008-06-13 at 21:15

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