This is a death rap. Yes I know how that sounds. It was inspired by the song "Bombs and Chemicals" by Grayskul. TO have a listen, go to and enter "Bombs and Chemicals" and choose the first option. Thanks!

Down The Rabbit Hole

The child sits on the bench knowing something special lies inside him
He goes home to tell daddy but he just sits there and denies him
His mom mollycoddles him while putting salad in a bowl
His sister bullies him and makes him start to lose his soul
He sits on his bed and cuts himself as a force of habit
He looks out the window and sees a white rabit
He follows the creature as it makes its way down the garden path
He knows he's leaving this world so he throws back his head and laughs
Cause he knows
He's goin' down the rabbit hole.

The wife sits at the desk where her husband cheated on her
She starts to write her last note but then she stops unsure
Suddenly the white rabbit is sitting next to her front door
The rabbit nestles itself on the coffee stains of her car floor
She starts the ignition with the turn of a rusty key
She drives off into the dark unable to hear or see
She sees the end of the dock and though she knows its a sin
She smiles to herself a malevolently melancholy grin
Cause she knows
She's goin' down the rabbit hole

The man holds up the air plane with a boxcutter in his hand
He knows he's going to wind up in his promised land
He knows what to do, cause god told him what was right
The passengers then pray to god to protect this flight
The pilot lies dead, blood pouring out of where he was hit
In his hand, a piece of paper with the white rabbit on it
The aftermath of all this horrible slaying
Is everyone on their knees praying
one for joy
the rest for forgiveness
Cause they know
They're goin' down the rabbit hole

The marine sits with his men on the chopper
They're about to catch the bad guy they've always been after
He looks down upon the terrible war strewn ruins
He tells his men to get ready to start movin'
The white rabbit tatoo on his should grins as he shouts "Ooorah?!"
Cause it knows that it's going to take these men far
The marine smiles on the outside
But is saddened on the inside
Cause he knows
He's goin' down the rabbit hole

Poetry by Thomas Sutherland McPhee
Read 940 times
Written on 2009-01-04 at 18:33

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Thomas Sutherland McPhee
Thanks! Glad to meet you too. I'm gunna go have a look at your stuff as well!