Fatherly Love

...He could see the ruins on his left. Why here though, why this dump? Ah well, not his choice for where to settle business, but it would do none the less. He parked his car, and bought his ticket.
"Would you like me to show you the museum, it's wee small, but worth it if I do say so" said a friendly Scotsman who ran the till, and if the name tag on his chest was to be believed, his name was Jim.
"No, not now, I'll come back through and see, I just want to get out there now, never know when the weather will change will you?" I said as I matched his Scottish accent. Best to blend it. When in Rome.
"Oh that's quite alright, just come through any time and I'll tell you all you need to know!" said Jim with a cherry little wave. I waved back. It seemed odd to be making pleasantries with a Scotsman right before he did what he was about to do, but oddities seem to be abound these days.
It was an oddity that brought him here today. Admittedly, it was more akin to the phrase "Serious Horse-Shit", but he felt it was better not to get over exaggerated. It would only cloud his judgment. Now he sounded like a movie, isn't that just great. Soon I'll be monologuing. He chuckled to himself as he walked outside into the sunshine, although he could see that it was slowly disappearing and turning into cloud. Again, very movie like. He should be payed more.
This time he stopped and laughed out loud at that. The idea of ever getting an honest salary killed him, but it time to end the jokes, he needed to keep things a surprise for old Marky-Boy. Oh what fun they would be having.
A Jeep pulled up about half an hour later. He liked to always be early to appointments, it helped your work ethic. Although no one else was watching, laughing, or even remotely amused, he was just cracking up, he was on a roll. Maybe he should do stand up. Him, with work ethics, that deserved an F- just on principle, maybe throw in a detention for good measure.
He watched Marky-Boy come out of the small building, holding a shotgun, and replacing shells. Poor Jim. It wasn't his place to like people outside of his family, but he had liked Jim, and he was looking forward to learning something. Ah well, don't fret poor Jim, you will be avenged.
He popped out of his hiding place behind a rock and shot Marky-Boy in his right elbow, making him drop the gun. Marky-Boy was standing, but buckled. He came up to Marky-Boy and uppercut him straight to his jaw.
"Fuck my daughter will you?!!"
"She gave her consent, we're both adults. Why do you have a problem?!"
"Because she isn't ready yet, she's only 19, that's barely adult, and because you were just trying to get a me you sniveling little shit!!"
"Hey, she's still legally adult, morals wont hold up in a court!! And of course I was going after you, you ratted me out as being a rat myself, and I almost died, you didn't think I could let you live, could you?"
He realized that Marky-Boy was holding some kind of detonator He hadn't noticed because he was paying so much attention to that scarred face or Marky-Boy's. Marky-Boy pressed the button. Nothing happened.
"Well, would you look at that?! Someone screwed up. This is going to be sooo good." He put his pistol in front of Marky-Boy's face.
"You know that there's more out there, there's more to this whole thing, don't you?"...

Short story by Thomas Sutherland McPhee
Read 956 times
Written on 2008-06-28 at 00:48

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