Birth of the Devil Spawn

He had been here before
The stench of the place was that of his own domain, so how could he forget?
This alleyway, filled with prostitutes and druggies.
He had been here before
Only once, but it had been crucial, and he had done what he had come for.
One night of sin, of earthly pleasures was all it took.
That, and forgetting the condom, or at least, it seemed like that to his partner in this crime.
To him it was intentional, but only he knew that.
He had been here before.
He was not one to suffer form human ailments such as De Ja Vu, but this time was different.
He flew down these familiar streets, passing no one, and being avoided by everyone.
He turned into the humble abode of one woman.
She was there, doing her "business" with another man.
He sat and watched, it amused him so how humans so easily feel to animalistic ways.
Soon though, he got bored of watching their unholy union, and went to do his other deeds, knowing he would be back soon.

He had been here before.
He returned soon, and found that the woman and the man were done.
The man was masturbating, and it amused him.
The Devil is almost always amused.
He slit the man's throat.
He turned to the women who was asleep, but then turned to the left a little.
There sat a cherub, stirring slightly.
The big cheese had figured out that something was going on, ah well.
One part of him, the former angel part, wanted to spare the little Cherub.
But no, he was the Devil, how would that look on his resume?

After feasting on the body of the Cherub, he turned to the woman again.
He could see inside her, see her sin, but also the being that was his.
His child.
The Devil's Child.
And The Devil reached inside the woman, and brought out the baby.
It did not scream.
Instead it laughed, endlessly, and noiselessly.
They were united.

The world would end, they knew it.

Poetry by Thomas Sutherland McPhee
Read 587 times
Written on 2008-06-06 at 15:42

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