Saturn's Rule

He ran through the maze of small roads and alleys.
He was lost in this place, for he had never been here before.
He was just a missionary doing work in this new city.
He spoke the language, but still did not know the place.
He ran.
His father would watch over him, surely he would, wouldn't he?

He ran.
He was being chased, and he knew it.
The creature he had prayed to once on the side was chasing him.
Was this his payment, would this creature not be satisfied with his offering?
He knew the answer as he ran, but he still did not like it.
Please father in heaven, save me!

He ran, but found himself locked in a dead end.
He turned, and two Cyclopses were standing there, grinning evily.
They moved to the side, to let a lone figure come forwards.
He was completely naked, and hunched over some.
His hair was as white as cocaine.
Save me father, for I did not mean to sin!

He came forwards towards the missionary.
"You've done bad, you've betrayed your god for me and thought you could get away with it, tisk tisk."
He bent over the Missionary, and started feasting.

When he was done, Saturn turned to the Cyclopses.
"mmm, better than most, but my son was better."
He walked off, laughing.

Poetry by Thomas Sutherland McPhee
Read 717 times
Written on 2008-06-06 at 20:52

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You do have a macabre imagination =P
But you do it very well.

This is really well written, I really enjoyed it :)