This is something i have wrote about in other poems, but i liked the style in which i wanted to write it, so it was an excercise in writeing but also some emotions i've been feeling lately.

Passive emotion

Things seem to be so bleak,
just before dawn and i finally start to yawn,
just because i never get a chance to speak,
so it just rests in my mind,
all the things you said, they fill my head,
compiled with all the things i can never find,

im sorry for taking for granted,
all that you ever ment, i always enjoy the time spent,
and it always made me feel wanted,
i want to give the world a shoulder,
so things could change, and i don't seem so strange,
oh but it's a mighty big boulder,

and when your face is drawn in tears,
i want to wipe your eyes, silent your crys,
push away all those things you fear,
im stumbling over my emotions,
i've lost my grip, and it's been quite a kick,
but can drop everything to respect your comotions,

and if im bleeding well im sorry,
im not a doll but human and try my all,
but i can sew myself to listen to your story,
i've got a lung full to scream,
but it can wait, i'd hate for you to be late,
while you shout to scream.

Poetry by Gothic geisha
Read 957 times
Written on 2008-06-16 at 08:12

Tags Passive  Wait  Emotion 

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