Whenever I see natural phenomena, occurring day in & day out, with clock-like precision...I wonder: are they trying to tell us something? My soul gets troubled; my heart fills with indescribable sorrow! Thoughts come chasing one another & I wonder: "Why

I Often Wonder...

I often wonder, why
Does the setting sun,
Colour the sky blood red?

Why does the spring, cover
The trees with green apparel?
The autumn-leaves, turn red,
Then yellow & golden-brown,
Before they fall down upon the ground?

The thirsty Earth, absorbs
The first drop of rain,
Eagerly in its parched bosom?

The shadows of the eve,
Quietly, merge into
The darkness of the night?

The snow on mountaintops
Melts into a river, traverses
Thousands of miles through the plains,
And finally unites with the deep azure Ocean?
Imparting the ever essential
Water of life, to
The green fields in its wake...

The birds of North, migrate,
Travel eons of miles every winter,
And come to the same shores each time,
Year after year, after year?

Why does the Nightingale,
Sing, songs for its mate?

What do they crave for?
What do they long for?

Why do I envy the sun?
Sing the songs of spring,
Tremble with every leaf?
Why does the autumn fill,
My heart with saddest thoughts,
Why does the evening bring,
Sorrow to my heart?
The melting snow, the flowing river,
Fill me, with inexplicable longing?
With the migratory birds, I want
To fly, far, far away,
To distant lands...

With the Nightingale, I sing
The saddest of songs...

Why do I keep awake at night?
Tossing and turning in my bed...
My bosom heavy, with a thousand sighs,
Pearls of my tears trickling down my eyes,
Why does my breath, choke in my throat?
Why do I always hum
The saddest of tunes to myself?

What do I long for?
What do I crave for?
Why am I yearning?

Why is my soul troubled so?
Why my heart is in turmoil?

Author: Zoya Zaidi
Aligarh, UP, India
Copyrightę: Zoya Zaidi

Poetry by Zoya Zaidi
Read 1441 times
Written on 2006-01-10 at 17:10

Tags Existence 

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This poem brought tears to my eyes, and so many goose-bumps I feel tingley all over...wow, your words weave a beautiful picture, my friend. Your talent uplifts my soul..

Zoya my friend. What would I do without you? Your poems just boosts me to the top whenever I am down.

Zoya Zaidi, a persone with a rare abillity,
her words send out the mst lifting touch,
so full of heart, tears, mind, soul and kindness,
Infusing me with the warmth to remove the ice in my life

maybe...you're looking for the answer
to the big question

why are we here
what is the meaning of life

anyway, bloody good poem, as always. well done. superb.

liz munro The PoetBay support member heart!
I was told for [always] asking why, that Y was a crooked letter and I couldn't straighten it so there was no pointing in worrying about thw why's - they're just part of life

The most troubling part is that there can never be an answer.

Though, while that is troubling... it is constant. There is never an answer, and so when everything is changing around you, you can always go back to those old un-answerable questions.

You know, I think I have said this before, but your writing always reminds me of the author Kahlil Gibran. Just the way you use words, phrases, and the delicate, pained grace that rests over your poetry like a tissue-paper veil.

I was reading him today, actually.

lastromantichero The PoetBay support member heart!
your poetry is so full of beautifu limagery of life and this is no exception even in all its hardships life is such a precioys gift
well done regds mike

This is beautiful and thought-provoking... it is very insightful and brings tears to my eyes. Thank you.

Wow Zoya. This poem is one of those that really can trigger our thoughts.

Thinking about... Questions and answers.

Sometimes, one answer can match many questions:

Some questions can have different answers, all of them possible, none of them exclusively right:
Which is your favourite colour?

Then there are questions with one single answer.
The Answer.
The Prince Charming-Answer:
How much is 1 + 1?
2. A match made in heaven.

And there are those intriguing questions that wander about in this world, without ever finding one answer that really matches them. Many answers are willing to become their partners. Sometimes one of them can seem to be the right one, but it never works in the long run. Sooner or later, they'll have to part.

And the question stands once more alone, in all its tragic greatness.


Do not fret dear Zoya....the beauty of God's creation is something we should ponder yes. I know for me. it causes me to recognize His power and majesty. Thus directing me to the power of His love.

Always beautiful and full of wonder, your work shines brightly.


life is about seeking and learning, but mostly seeking.... lovely text, beautiful, vibrant

Because this is life and we all want so much more then it can give, or what we can receive of it, to satisfy the needs that we think we have, beautiful words Zoya :-)

This text is so alive and vibrant and human and loving and...

Celtic boy
I want to comment so much on this poem but there is nothing I can say that would be good enough to give your words the praise they truly deserve.
I also want to print it out for keeping in my journal where I can read it again and again. (with your kind permission).

Black Knight
I guess - because you live...