The beats are dead but still alive
we gave it up, but hope survive

I need the time to heal myself
and you to grow within yourself

Our love will never ever die
where did the strenght go and why

There's so many feelings I want to tell
but I hide it under my hearts shell

I know that you love me so
but we need the time apart to grow

The days I have infront of me
will be hard, because I'm free

Free from us to touch and kiss
our life together will be missed

Poetry by Malin Johansson
Read 923 times
Written on 2008-08-09 at 16:14

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Palitha Ariyarathna
your poems predict my life, its truly beautiful

ngaio Beck
Good metier,clear ideas.

night soul woman The PoetBay support member heart!
Strong thoughts:) Yes indeed sometimes we need time to heal and grow and who knows what tomorrow may bring? *Applause*