One of the few list poems I've done. ^_^...i kinda like this one, so I'll share it. Tis' old so yeah. Thanks for reading!

Would You?

Would you be there,
If I was scared?
Would you lend me your shoulder,
If I needed to Cry?
If I were to fail and lose,
Would you still be at my side?
If I were to get lost and afraid,
Would you take my hand
And Guide my way?
If I were sad,
Would you try make me smile?
If I were mad,
Would you apologize, even if you did nothing?
If I needed a friend,
Would you be there to hold my hand?
If I turn around and saw no one,
Would you still be there?
If no one believed my word,
Would you trust me?
If everyone forgot about me,
Would you remember?
If I were to cry,
Would you wipe my tears away
And say "everything will be okay"?
If I need you, day or night,
Would you come?
If My candle should goes out,
Would you be my light?
If Someone hurt me in any way,
Would you let them get away?
If I were to tell you secret,
Would you keep it?
If I needed someone to talk to,
Would it be you?
If I were to leave and say "good-bye",
Would you care?
If I were to die
Would you cry?

If I told you "I love you"
Would you...say it too?

Poetry by Jordanna
Read 893 times
Written on 2005-07-10 at 15:40

Tags Love 

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chasingtheday The PoetBay support member heart!
a nice poem and the answer should be yes to all who know you :) to be caring for another is a joy. perhaps editing a little here, with capital My and Someone, capitals are ok to use at the beginning of lines but in my opinion if used in the lines where not needed, make the presentation untidy. :)