we were writing limmericks in english, this one was written later that day when we ended up writing a million of them. just picked this one out because it was really the only one that made sense :P

The Shy One

There once a a beautiful flower
Who didn't really have much power
The days were sunny and bright
But the flower took fright
And always stood low and cowered

Poetry by kata
Read 611 times
Written on 2009-01-09 at 19:15

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Some flowers can be not seen like other flowers of beauty, there is so many facets of beauty, so the title is certainly gives me understanding of how a flower can somehow look shy or in obscurity. I like the Limmerick style creating it's shine of talent expressed. You write very well and use a storyline with depth with fun and emotion. Well done!!

E. B. Davis
This little poem gives off a wistful feeling. Short and bitterweet