Waiting my whole life,
Waiting for the hooded figure,
To appear in a flash of lightning,
And extend one bony hand,
And point.

Ever since the birth,
Ever since the first tear leaked out of my eye,
I have been waiting for the one who controls the world,
To erase my soul with a single swipe of his blackened cloak.
As the bony hand extends,
As my sapphire eyes darken;
As he withdraws all that is hope,
All that is good,
And all that is life,
From within me.

He unwittingly leaves,
an empty carcass,
full of hate and despair,
leaving only,
Another Eraser.

Poetry by Ryker-Lei Glasgow
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Written on 2009-01-10 at 03:09

Tags Eraser  Emo  Death 

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well done ryker,
keep it going,
never give up hope.
know that your friends are always here for you, and you shall never be just Another Eraser.

gorgeous, and obviously a subject that gets a lot of thought from you.
i love it x