Just from few pictures....and I dont hope this to my inspiration, more like let her live forever =)))

My Dying Bride

My sweet princess,
in satin and lace,
covered in white,
pale over your face,
so lively breast,
now just a slow move,
I'm weeping beside,
nothing can do.

Just a day before,
we made love,
Your warm soft skin,
tempted me so hard,
Your body was dressed,
with black and red lace,
as I caressed You,
and I kissed Your face.

My Dying Bride,
hair violet and black,
sleeping tight,
no turning back,
from Your lips,
only a sigh,
as the Angels take,
You up so high.

Poetry by Finnman
Read 739 times
Written on 2006-01-25 at 10:38

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Rather sad if true but well written