Just wanted to write from the viking inside me... =) So this is why this poem is in norweigian...thanks for my Norweigian friends for making it grammatical right. And now for You my friends in english =)

Min Djevel - My Devil

Fiende i mitt hjerte
jeg slår den med mitt sverd
Smerte og hat.
Fornuft og den uforstand.

Mitt forfedre
de døde heltene.
åpner jeg
Utføre den oere

Voere en mann
En kriger.
Slå min fiende.
Min djevel inne fra meg.

My Devil

Enemy in my heart
I slain it with my sword
Agony and hate.
Understanding and its incomprehension.

My fore-fathers
The dead heroes.
May I
make You honor.

To be a man.
The warrior.
Slain my enemy.
My devil inside me.

Poetry by Finnman
Read 913 times
Written on 2006-02-16 at 13:09

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hei/hallo/god dag
you've got your norwegian grammar a little wrong, it's called "mine forfedre", not "mitt forfedre".
and i can tell those so-called-experts that norway became danish in the middleages, after the vikings..
when it comes down to the poem, i can't say i like it very much. the words became very empty to me.
and i liked the english version best, because the norwegian wasn't any poetic at all.
if i shall give you one last advice; i would have changed the last sentence to "min innerste djevel" or "djevelen i meg". better norwegian, and it sound much better. :)

adjø/ha det/farvel from norway

Djävligt vackert ;)

Black Knight
Hails to you (and to your viking inside).

It's a pity, but I do not speak Norwegian. Though, I like this language.
Especially, performed by Dimmu Borgir :))