Well.....what shall I say....Are You Ready? Long live COB!

Are You Ready?

When You enter the night, aware shall be,
My tool is thirsty, tonight You'll see,
You might kneel, for my waiting scythe,
As it rages through, and splits the night.

Watching, no waiting, someone hunting for,
Opening for everyone, that tight locked door,
Those lost souls, I'll own soon
Or maybe, maybe I'll come for You.

No permissions, no questions asked
My hands sway in the night, as I do my task,
What was alive, now time to die,
and in a flash, You are mine.

I'll take you, under this hood
Black and dark, like the day is rude,
Taste the blood, no rust in my steel,
The cold grip of death, can You feel.

Waits the underworld, open is the gate,
Thunder reaps the sky, as You face your fate,
Your life lived after, now becomes to fall,
As we enter, finally, this immortal hall.

Poetry by Finnman
Read 810 times
Written on 2006-03-21 at 20:57

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Zoya Zaidi
remind me of the "Night of the long Knives" in Fascist Germany!

Excellent text!
((((hugs dear Fin)))
Love,xxx, Zoya