Milady ;)

Vampire Heart

Miladys heart, is beating fast,
pumping red blood, forever last,
inside herself, she's taking me,
there's the place I want to be.

Miladys heart, red and warm,
big inside, yet size is small,
my heart's beside, with rhythm same,
whispering hers, mystrias name.

Miladys heart, lively and kind,
takes over me, over my mind,
time comes, my eternity to start,
at Miladys love, in her Vampire Heart.

Poetry by Finnman
Read 882 times
Written on 2006-02-06 at 13:58

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John Ashleigh
A place you want to be? A very perculiar image I must say. Whispering her name? Like love. Lust. A kind and lively vampire? This is very metaphorical, yet it works....somehow.

Lusting a timely, mythical enemy. Good.