If you can't laugh at yourself...who can you laugh at ?

Frozen Fishsticks !

Please laugh with me (not AT)
As I share my morning adventure with you

Suffice to say...
I have a slight problem with punctuality
(allright...a very bad problem !!)
It isn't that I intend on being late..
It's just that I'm easily distracted
And before I know it...

So this morning...
Well...I was fartin' around as usual...
Sleep later...morning coffee...check emails...
All that stuff and a few other things
Which we need not get into here !

I know I have a deadline...
Gotta pick up small boy from the bus
10:50 sharp !

I know this...
And with all my heart
I will be there...
Come hell or high water !
I couldn't bare to think of his confused little face
If one day I didn't show up on time

What possessed me...
At 10:33...
To think that I had time to squeeze in...
A shower ??!!

At least I know now...
It is indeed possible
For me to take a 5 minute shower !

It's all the other stuff
That chews up time !
So, as I hop out of the shower
I think to myself...
What part of my routine...
Can I skip ?

Drying off ?
Nope...absolutely necessary...
Unless I intend to become a human posicle (again)
Combing hair ?
Not recommended...
Unless I want to scare the living daylights
Out of my neighbours !

Drying hair ?
-16 degrees celcius !
Hahaha !!!
It'll be my penance
For procrastinating !

Are there articles of clothing...
That I can get away without wearing ?
No !
See the first two reasons above...
Too cold...and I don't want to scare my neighbours !

Now 10:45....

Hair quickly combed...
Skip brushing teeth...
Throw on clothes while running to front door...
(don't laugh !!! It can be done !)
Socks ? yes or no ??
Better put em on...
Can't stand cold feet !

Pants zipped ?
Yes...thank goodness !

Boots...coat...scarfe...gloves...hat !!
Hat !
Hahahahaha !!!
Throw 'em on quickly...
Times a tickin !

10:48 !
Out the door...
run like mad !

Whew !!
Just in time...
I see that big yellow monster coming down the street...
And...sigh...there he is !
All smiles and happy to see me !

As he gets off the bus and we greet each other...
He looks at me oddly...
Then gently reaches up toward me face...

"Mommy ??
Why is your hair frozen ??"

"Let's just get home buddy...
Before my eyelashes stick together too !"

Now I know how frozen fishsticks feel !

Dee Daffodil (HW) 26 January, 2009

Poetry by Dee Daffodil
Read 763 times
Written on 2009-01-26 at 18:17

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how frozen fishsticks feel?
I've enjoyed a lot here in this piece of beautiful literary . i will read to you always ..you are wonderful and more then that :)

Esti D-G
Excellent write! Would have laughed if it hadn't been so close to home.

"bare" = typo, should be bear?

Adorable, humorous, and full of vitality and spirit. This is the stuff of legends! Bless ye.

Btw, I laughed with you.

melanie sue
hahahaha...oh that is a hoot....you kept me all the way to the end, dying to find out what this was about......hahahaheha.this was a wonderfully cheerful and humorous piece of which i thoroughly enjoyed reading.....i guess it does get cold in some parts of Canada!

Stan Cooper The PoetBay support member heart!
What a great mommy !!! Always on time !!!
You are a great Frozen Fishstick....

I enjoy your way of putting a story into a poem

xxxx Stan

lol nice fishy story here Dee! the things we parent do huh? That school bus appointment or school playground, is like an internal clock, it ticks louder and louder as their time approaches, or did do when mine were that age. Even today, as they depart the bus outside my house, I always know exactly when they should be home. I enjoyed your fishsticks tale, you can let me know later if Ice is good for the hair!lol Tai, smiling at you, not really wanting to try it!

Had fun reading this, everyday life can be hectic but we sure can laugh at us. LOL