Related to the haiku, and the Fibonacci, this form has the constraint that the number of syllables on each line is the same as the corresponding digit in the number Pi, which is (approximately) 3.141592 65358979 32384626 43383279 50288419 71693993 7510582



A mystery;
The arithmetic:
Circumference by diameter;
But of what use is it?
A valid question!
The answer:
In calculation!
Circle's area: Pi r squared;
The sphere's volume: four thirds Pi r cubed;
Sphere's surface: four Pi r squared;
Cone's volume: one third Pi r squared h.
So you see
Pi is
Quite useful.
(But Pietry is not pretty.
Eh, nepenthes?)

Poetry by TonyD
Read 591 times
Written on 2009-02-20 at 17:25

Tags Pi  Math  Constraint 

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Kathy Lockhart
zoom, zoom, I am spinning in the room of Pi. Oh my, I rather eat it than confiqure it especially cherry. : )

Help!!! Maths is taking over the bay!!!!