by myself, Marina Stevenson, and Courtney Guynn.

Chivalry: A Tribute to Poe

We go to fight the hideous beast of yore
Armed with knowledge and a wicked sense of humor,
A wicked sense, called Lenore.
Ah Lenore, Lenore! my chivalry was not enough to save you.
No longer can I stand to live in my hopelessly depressed state of unmind,
A hopeless state of unmind, rather vacant.
Deliverance is impossible to find!
For there is no deliverance if its name is not Lenore.
Deliverance unknown; anguish thither I say:
And I declare, with softly whispering sigh of "nevermore."
Eternity is darkness if what lies ahead be nevermore-
Nevermore, if what lies behind is perched upon the bust of Pallas.
That bust, infernal bust! I pray for it to fall upon my head!
If bust should fall then the Raven needs no longer tap upon my chamber door,
And it shall laugh an ominous laugh into the bleak December air.
And as I lie ensanguined, I shall see my lost Lenore
And we shall be,

Poetry by kata
Read 728 times
Written on 2009-02-26 at 17:43

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Brava! A fitting tribute to Edgar Allen, and a fine poem all by itself.