To me, a Limerick's rhythm and syllable counts are almost as important as its dirtiness, so if I'm going to write a clean one (or four), then by golly they'll be clean in both ways!

A Real, Clean Limerick

There once was an old Swedish bard
Whose poems would catch him off guard
When they came to visit
He'd shrug and say "Is it
Just me, or is writing too hard?"

The poetry wouldn't give in
But lodged itself under his skin
Till a friend said one day
"Take a trip to the bay,
And there you'll eventually win!"

"By golly," he said "what a joke:
I'm only a regular bloke.
I'm never a poet!"
Said she: "You don't know it
But they are just regular folk

Who like to use words just for fun!
Just try, and you'll know when you're done."
So he did, and you know
He was welcomed! And so
His writing career has begun!

Poetry by TonyD
Read 775 times
Written on 2009-03-02 at 21:00

Tags Limerick  Fun 

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Yes, it has! And what a beginning... ;-)
It's fun writing limericks this way, I've done it in Swedish, confining to the rules in every sense. Suppose I should try it in English too...

But, where's the dirt?? Or am I asking for too much? ;-)


Purple Phoenix
Ha! This is great, very clever!

Excellent post! Very nicely done, and I love the way you worked from one limerick to the next. Exceptional job.