Spring is here

My dearly beloved
How are you?
My only wish is your good health
and that is what I pray for
Every day and night
Have you been eating properly?
Please, do not skip your meals
Or eat too much junk food
For my love flourishes inside you

I am doing well
Your warm love is heating my heart
Whenever I am alone I put my hands on it
He talks to me and keeps me company

My buttercup,
It rains every evening
It is so refreshing
I will gather some drops in my eyes
So you can satisfy your thirst
When you are here with me

Roses are in full bloom
I can smell the sweet fragrance every morning
I will preserve some on my body
So you can rejoice them
When you are here with me

The forest is changing its color
With the new leaves
So is my heart and soul
It's ready to show its rainbow colors
Spring is here my darling

All I am waiting is for you
Come and possess me
Compliment me
Complete me

Poetry by White
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Written on 2009-03-30 at 16:36

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