Writing down this unbidden memory, in the hope of laying some demons to rest...

On a Day Like Today

It was on a day
Just like today:
A day of happiness and joy.
I was feeling optimistic and oh
So addicted to life!

Then the 'phone call came:
A brother on the line
To tell me the news.
At the age of fifty-five
You had finally died.

No surprises there then.
Only a matter of time
Before your liver gave out.
But why the hell die
On a day like today?

I hadn't seen you in years,
At least seventeen or so,
Not since that decisive day:
I told you to quit the booze
Or lose me forever.

But you didn't care:
Told me to fuck off, and
Mind my own business.
Pushed away your eldest son
Opened another bottle.

And now you're back
An invitation to your funeral!
Even in death
Ruining my life,
On a day like today.

Not this time, old man.
You can go down
Into the ground
Without me around.
I have a life to live now.

But even ten years on
Your unbidden memory returns
To dampen my mood
When life is at its best
On a day like today.

Poetry by TonyD
Read 714 times
Written on 2009-04-10 at 19:30

Tags Father  Bastard  Memory 

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A deserting father can be a terribly heavy burden to carry.
Love is what makes us strong.
Beautifully written, right out of your heart!

A sad, moving poem!
The worst things often seem to happen 'on a clear day'.

Stan Cooper The PoetBay support member heart!
a terribly sad poem...but a good one nevertheless
Your hurt is felt by this reader