On discovering that wonderful place where my love and I can be together for as much as we want.

In Our Dreams

Our time together is the smallest part
  Of life, which has so many parts to play,
  And though our lives are happy, day to day,
  We bear, from time to time, a hungry heart.
The hunger grows, the more we are apart
  To longing, craving sustenance that may
  Alleviate the yearning in some way,
  And thus we seek to learn the secret art.
But see! With Morpheus an answer lies -
  The dreaming son of Hypnos and of Nyx -
  He holds the magic key for us, it seems,
To let a calm tranquility arise.
  So we can overlook starvation's tricks
  And always be together in our dreams.

Sonnet by TonyD
Read 1162 times
Written on 2009-04-17 at 13:00

Tags Love  Dreams  Together 

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Purple Phoenix
It must be a truly wonderful place to be Tony! :-)

melanie sue
The mind is such an amazing, powerful organ! Nice piece of writing capturing the mystical dreamstate that sustains us more than most realize!