broken heart

Give me a break

Give me a break boy
I know you are astonished I have changed extremely, that's true
give me a break boy
I do have a life too,
I'm not a toy

If you see me weeping these days
I'm not weeping for you
weeping for a mistake I committed
I was an idiot I'm admitting

A screw was missing in my head
Because all I had was you in my mind
I never imagined my life would turn as bad as hell
All I believed with you right by my side my life would have been so good but was just a nightmare

This time I'm gone with the wind
Don't tell me those words 'we can start again'
This should be the end
All you have given me was only bloody pain

So give me a break
And neither should you bother looking back
Leave what has left for me
And that's my life

CopyrightęZainab 2009

Poetry by zaipoems
Read 688 times
Written on 2009-04-17 at 13:37

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