describing love is complicated, thats love is innocent

How the love fades

It's been a while,
Since the last time

I hold your hand
And you hold mine

Recalling how you used to greet me in a day more than one time
How lucky as your girlfriend I used to feel

It's been a while
Those memories wish I could revert the past

When love was in the air
And the creatures used to stare

Just can't believe
Today I tend to ask myself
What went wrong?
When our love was more than strong

Though I'm glad love is sometimes complicated
Love is capable of answering,
The many answers of the lovers questions ...
But still I wonder for something which is very open...!

Is that how love fades
Like an orange flavor bite
Later to a lemon taste then becomes tasteless

This makes me think
Why the color of love is red
As love gives us happiness and pain too
It's the example of when one is upset goes pale
When one is shy goes pale which the red as a color is obtained

Nothing so strange,
This is how the love fades
Like how the birds flies
It's just a matter of change

Copyright reserved by Zainab Salim

Words by zaipoems
Read 809 times
Written on 2011-11-17 at 15:34

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