Trust none in this world...

Take care

Talk less, listen more
Trust some but not all
Whenever, wherever learn to control

Remember, Remember
People can use you in many ways
More by your words you always say
So always think before you talk
You never know whom you are talking to
Your own words could harm you too

As this world we live
There are people of many kind
Among them there are those who very dangerous indeed
Titled as two in one

This is a very small world though you can't see
Indeed a temporary journey too
Just think,
Can a secret last forever
The answer is ''can't''

So you should know nothing can be hidden for long
Keep that in mind, an advice of a good friend

More advice if you would like to keep or throw it away

No matter how extra miles you work
You get appreciated by none
If you do a favour to someone
Never expect what to be expected

Written on 29th Sept 2010

Words by zaipoems
Read 924 times
Written on 2010-10-01 at 08:32

Tags Truth 

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Libyan Rose
Thanks for this poem,full of wise lines and advices as well.