Just thoughts were running into my head when I wrote this piece but never shared and finally today I thought about sharing it here ....written 17th April 2010

The other face of nature

When nature is upset
We cry too
As its beauty vanishes
It's so sad to see

Nature can give us pain
Nature can give us death
Nature can make human lives disaster
Nature can bring darkness

The beauty of the sea which we see
It's the nature, which can change into a volcano or a tsunami results
There are countries once in a blue moon it rains
How exciting it feels
But that once in a blue moon it could rain also into a heavy rain
Storms, thunders, wind, flooding we could call it's the cry or the anger of the nature

It's the nature which brings beautiful mornings
How nice to see everything starts so well but could end to a disaster
Especially when you walk in the streets you see those roads covered with cars
Traffic lights, some children playing the rest busy in their own missions
Who are to going schools, colleges or at work....
Suddenly the nature sneeze ''earth quake''
Everyone the same cry ''Oh my lord, oh my child, oh my house''
Everything got destroyed an unexplained silent...

Nature has its good and bad picture
So expect anything from nature
If you will ask a lot you will get incomplete answers

Words by zaipoems
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Written on 2012-12-27 at 06:43

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It is easier and more pleasant to write of nature's beauty and wonders. But, you are absolutely right, nature has another side, and you have portrayed that darker side very well—simply and truthfully.