hope you all like my poem, hoping I wrote the poem well as it just pop in my head after thinking too hard to write a poem before year 2011 vanish, nothing personal I'm still not in love and in advance Happy New Year to all :)

Before 2012

Tonight you are my umbrella
So rain over me
I'm admitting you are my hero
So please come closer, before 2012,
Don't make that snail's move
No more excuse

Come on and dance with me
If you don't know the steps I shall teach you
If you also don't know the lyrics
I shall still let you sing with me
As I'm trying my best to still your heart
Before year 2011 vanish so fast

Take out all your coins in your pocket
As they fall it will create the sizzling tone
After all, the song is so easy
So don't be shy baby
Even the roads are too busy
Everyone is noisy
So don't worry, you need not by heart the lyrics
Once you get into my arms, it will come out by itself

As everyone will be screaming
''Happy New Year''
Even those who are dreaming
Will still say, Happy New Year
Even those who are sad, there will be no tears
So, if you don't get the lyrics, it will still sound very clear
I know evil is around, but this moment will have no fear..
As love will be in the air
And everyone will be blind to stare

So my Dear
My husband to be
Dance on the floor
Happy New Year...

Copyright 2011 Zainab Salim
Written 31 Dec 2011

Poetry by zaipoems
Read 863 times
Written on 2011-12-31 at 16:09

Tags Love  2011  2012 

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