Some times you do not know that your single action, apparently a drop in ocean, will swell to become a dancing, frolicking, merry stream...which would fill to flood over (the bay) one day, and cross many boundaries, of many nations, many worlds...*

I am the Oak, You my Acorn

(In response to Celtic boy's "An acorn")
When you say I am the oak, and you, my dear acorn,
I am filled with pride that you're born from the womb of me,
That I gave birth to the core of you, and clothed you lovingly,
Dressed in the brown nutshell, your little head, peeping reassuringly,
And in that pretty head of yours, are tender thoughts of me,
Words profound come pouring out, such sensitive poetry;
And one day when you are ripe, you'll fall to the ground
Sprout a sapling, like I did once, pretty confidently,
Then your trunk will grow strong, and you'll take the world by a storm,
Your roots will burrow and explore the earth's depths penetratingly,
And then you'll spread your branch-like-arms, heavenwards imploringly,
Sky will be the limit for you; clouds will come and caress you,
Winds will whisper song of love; rains kiss you ardently,
You will be happy, big and strong, your leaves green and comely,
Lovers will come, enwrapped in each other, rest under your canopy!
And that day, my dear acorn, You will become Me!
Give me a thought then dear acorn remember me fondly...

Author: Zoya Zaidi
Aligarh (UP), India
Copyrightę: Zoya Zaidi

*The day I wrote the poem "Sometimes I feel I am the Rain", the only thought I had in my heart was of passionate longing and yearning to amalgamate in to one with my beloved! The day I posted this poem on the bay, all I wanted was to share the deepest of my feelings with my friends on the Bay! That it would lead to 'This', I had no inkling at all...?

Poetry by Zoya Zaidi
Read 1483 times
Written on 2006-02-04 at 11:03

Tags Nature 

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otteri selvakumar not poem...heart of word's....

This poem like this...

Wow, how beautifully this one was done...I love the analogies!

wow,its amazing,i love it.thankyou.

John Ashleigh
A very good perspective on that little actions consequent to sucess or failure in habit, religion, life, love and understanding.

A good, interesting write.

...i have no idea where you get the words to put across such a passionate point. Excellent write Zoya, lovely read for me.

liz munro The PoetBay support member heart!
I love how we can come together to inspire such wonderful poetry.

You make me smile, mother Oak!

You truely are at one with nature when you produce quality like this,that inner self that you posess to bring alive that which we can then identify with,is a testement to your skill and imagination.

Veld Cooper
You are so in tune with the natural world and its wonders, dear Zoya, that I am always refreshed after reading your work. Such a simple subject turned into such a deep, rich and meaningful work!

Celtic boy

I am truly humbled by your kind thoughts and amazing writing. I have read this poem so many times in the past hour and each time always in awe at the beauty.
Thank you
Liam x

Zoya, this poem, so full of emotions, so full of one persons mind, Excellent my friend:)