Hope gone lost ~~ but to be found

I cry my tears of misery
that comes from my inner plea
I feel the depth of hope gone lost
questioning, what will this cost
I hate the past of sorrow
wishing for a better tomorrow
I think, if only...
if only I didnt felt so lonely
I petty myself in the corner of loneliness
longing to get out from this stress
I need my soul to heal
before I truly can feel
I scream out in moaning pain
to never be a part of this again
I stand in proudness of my shell
breathing in this haunting hell
I tell everyone that its okay
but then everything turns to grey
I whisper,if only...
if only I didnt felt so lonely
I believe that hope will soon grow strong
and to its belief I will belong
I dream about a life so different
and so with curage, I went...
I cry my tears of disbelief
beyond in searching of any relief
I wish to keep on going
to care less, unknowing
I try so hard
to play every card
I whisper, if only
If only luck would come to me
and set my trapped soul free
I cry my last tears
as I think of my fears
I take myself to step outside
because I refuse to hide
I feel the strength inside of me
oh please, please let this be
I now believe that life will come
and ease the fear away
For me to fight to become
a fighter every day

Poetry by Malin Johansson
Read 779 times
Written on 2009-06-22 at 12:06

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