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She's A Red Wonder pt 2

Riverbeds and sleepy heads collide
Purple warmth awaits my arms inside
Clouds blanket the sun to sleep
Teary orange the sky to weep

She's a red wonder

When I see her, I feel odd
When I feel her, I see God.

The stars are still so out of reach
And she has so much more to teach
Clouds are forming a gentle wreath
With their holy parted teeth

She's a red wonder

In my emptiness, she's my why
In my home she is my high

Oh she sets her loving frame
Along horizons all the same
But when I wake into her shine
She once again will be all mine

She's a red wonder.

Poetry by weirdzarun
Read 566 times
Written on 2009-07-21 at 02:50

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Brian Oarr
"The stars are still so out of reach
Yet the sun has more to teach"

Very nice couplet from a well constructed poem/song. Enjoyed the read, Dude.

well this a beautiful love song, filled with passion and wonder.
thanks for writing and filling your heart with song.