(ie. your suicidal love's sick fixation for selfcrucifixion)



Nail me to the cross
(why have you forsaken me...)
For all the times you said I never was there for you and I was
Spike through the right hand
blood shows
For all the times you threatened to leave me but did not
Spike through the left hand
blooddrops fall
For all the times you said I didn't love you and I always do
Spike through both feet
a cry of anguish for man
For all the nightmares and backward thoughts
Place upon the head a crown of thorns
When all this isn't enough and you need to push it even more
Put a spear up in my side
Blood now flows


I Never Really Implied
Is Nothing Real Inducing?
I Never Really Indulged
In Non Reality Intersalvations!


Cross my heart and hope to die.....
Damnat Quod Non Intelligunt
(.....Forgive them for they do not fucking know what they do!)



Poetry by LordParzifal
Read 1035 times
Written on 2009-09-15 at 22:18

Tags Love  Passion  Pain 

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Then I recommend you grow up and read
some Bukowski unless theyve censored it
in Putinland

I dont take shit from anyone

Be well,

Joan Black
I think, you should be more polite and avoid swearing.

WOW!! powerful write, A very extreme write of self distruction of suicide(love) write,really pulls you in to the depth of ones distruction of hell ,sort of speak.Cheers to you,think I am going to have a Bloody Mary:P